Open source XML based CMS

Soon online

Developing Status: 90%

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A new way to reinvent a freer web

What is it

WebyWindows is an open-source, free and independent application
that allows you to create and manage a dynamic website
thanks to a teaching method that uses standard tools.

Simple for people, solid for the web, scalable for the future

What does WebyWindows mean ?

Weby is the merger between Webby slang (for the web) and Baby
the minimal version of WebyWindows takes up just 0.8Mb !


A pc, a smartphone or a webspace

Develops and test in localhost

WebyWindows is a cross-platform application,
works on any device, even offline...


Modular and Scalable

Simple like playing Legos

SEO Ready

Ordered and solid structure, xml based

Highly educational

Your app grows with your skills


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